3 Common Types of Physical Therapy

If you find yourself in need of physical therapy, you may not know what you’re in for. Physical therapy is a way for medical professionals to diagnose abnormalities in the body and restore the function and mobility of affected limbs and muscles. Physical therapy austin professionals have the skills and experience needed to make sure that you are in the best physical condition possible when it comes to your injury or ailment. Let’s go over some of the common types of physical therapy patients receive.


This type of physical therapy is designed to treat injuries of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones in the body. Your doctor may recommend this kind of physical therapy if you have suffered from a sprain, a fracture, chronic medical conditions, or are recovering from surgery.


Geriatric physical therapy deals with helping older patients improve their mobility. There are several conditions that may require physical therapy, such as:

·    Arthritis

·    Alzheimer’s disease

·    Incontinence

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·    Balance disorders

Physical therapy can also help patients that have undergone surgery on the hips and joints, improving their physical fitness and mobility while reducing pain in the body.


Physical therapists that specialize in neurological rehabilitation are trained in dealing with issues that affect the nervous system in the body – the brain, nerves, and spinal cord. Individuals may be dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, brain injuries, injuries to the spinal cord, strokes, cerebral palsy, and more. Treatment differs from patients to patient and can involve increasing responsiveness of limbs, reducing muscle atrophy, and more.

Some other types of physical therapy that you may look into include:

·    Wound care

·    Vestibular

·    Decongestive

Speak with a medical professional if you are experiencing problems that reduce your mobility or cause chronic pain – you may get relief by working with a physical therapist.